What? Why? How? 

Sitting on the job, my lazy self

What on earth are you doing? 

Cycling solo and unsupported around the World, to raise money for Meningitis Now and Macmillan Cancer Support.

– started off from Trafalgar Square on the 1st of April 2017 ALONE. Traveling through Europe, Asia, America and back to Europe. Although I am alone on my challenge, this kind of adventure has me bumping into all kinds of people. Therefore along the way I will occasionally meet others who may cycle some distance with me. They don’t take anything away from my challenge.

They don’t ride the bike for me or remove the distance and climbs.

– I don’t have a car that follows me or team behind me. It’s just me on the road. I have to sort my food, accommodation route and so forth, myself.

Looking for something, not sure I found it

Why on earth would you do this?
Very long story short…… struggling through my BAR exams and suddenly single, I was struggling and bordering depressed. My best friend introduced me to Alastair Humphreys books about his around the world journey and I was inspired to get up and get out there to find my adventure. After reading many more stories  and being additionally inspired by the likes of Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Ed Stafford, Levison Wood, Sean Conway and others, I got to planning.

I told myself no matter what happens in a year’s time I would cycle around the world. I felt that i would never do anything as crazy or huge again and so I ought to utilise this opportunity to raise money for two amazing causes.

I’m not a cyclist, I’m not a cycle tourer. I have huge respect for those guys who take years touring around the world. That’s the worst thing I could think of. That’s why it’s such a challenge for me. Along the way I try to make it that bit harder. Which is why I entered the Pamirs and took, arguably one of the harder routes through the Wakhan.

I spend 95% of my day pedal churning, legs burning, brain screaming. The other 5% eating and taking in the incredible views.

Running around like a tit to get warm

How on earth are you doing this ?
I used all the savings I had, which were meant for a deposit on a house. Opps. I had almost everything I needed when an amazing company etz technologies stepped in around two weeks before I left, to offer some support. They helped fund the insurance,  flight and the food budget.

Yes they could have donated the money to charity themselves. I would have thanked them to no end. However, they helped get the project off the ground and thus give greater exposure to the two causes and hopefully, increase the amount raised.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned above or want a litrle more info, drop me an email by clicking the email icon on the homepage.

If you haven’t already, visit the fundraising page here

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