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The first milestone

At the end of last week, I reached the £1,000 mark in donations for Meningitis Now and Macmillan Cancer Support. To me it is a huge moment and a relief to see this hurdle fall. It is only 10% of my final target but it stands for so much more.

Over the years I have done a few fundraising activities here and there, but I have never reached this sort of figure and I’m confident that it will only continue to get higher and higher. I’m immensely proud in the people that have donated and myself, as I know the good that will come of this awareness and money to both amazing causes.

The next 90% is going to be very challenging, and I’m sure most of this figure will come in as I’m half way around the world, struggling to continue that extra mile or two at the end of an exhausting week. So, I know I shouldn’t be too hard on myself and unrealistic with my ambitions.

It is difficult not to get carried away with the potential of fundraising, especially when you post a status on Facebook that reaches over 100 people and wonder why donations aren’t flying in.

I have only scratched the surface with my efforts so far. I need to be patient and give people something back for their generosity. Sadly, for my friends and family on Facebook, this means more posts and updates are coming your way!

I have been very lucky that people like Justin at The George, share the same charitable drive as I do, and I’m fortunate that him and his team have facilitated my efforts in raising awareness and money throughout this last week. They continue to be so helpful and encourage more ideas to ensure the donations continue to flow.

I am very thankful to all those who have made donations already, to those that came to the charity evening at The George, to the small business owners who donated prizes for the raffle and to everyone who has helped share this project, thank you all!

To anyone one that makes it this far through this post, I would ask two things to help me continue this journey. Firstly, to make a small donation, anything is better than nothing, and myself and the charities are grateful for even the smallest of contributions that are made. Secondly, to share the link to my fundraising page with their friends and family. To tell someone that I’m cycling solo around the world for charity. Help me get the word out there and raise awareness for both causes.

Oh, and it won’t be long before you will see some hilarious photos and ramblings of me cycling around the world, it will definitely make you laugh!

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