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My Winter route through China

Map of China route from Urumqui to Shangai


On the 23rd of September, my journey was brought to a crashing halt just outside Turpan, in the province of Xinjiang Western China. A few days, four flights, and a leg cast later and I arrived back in the UK. Its now just over a month since I returned and Im ready to get BACK ON THE ROAD.

On the 5th of December 2017, I leave Heathrow, flying in the afternoon to Astana, Kazakhstan. A few hours later I will hop on another plane, landing in Urumqui, Western China, on the morning of the 6th of December. From here I will take either a Bus or Train to Turpan, where I have stashed my bike and possessions, in the local hostel.

From Turpan, I will head East, through yet another desert, into the Gansu Province, getting my first glimpse of the Great Wall at Jiayuguan. Traveling South East down to XI’AN and eventually, eastward to Shanghai, where I will fly onto Sydney.


Map of the route from China to Australia, New Zealand, North America, Morocco, Spain, France and the UK

What lies ahead – The next stage


I haven’t yet worked out my route in Australia, but I have four weeks of pedalling at my mercy and cannot wait!!! Then It’s on to New Zealand, cycling from Auckland to Wellington, which is of particular importance. Wellington is an antipodal point with Madrid. Which means they are exactly at opposite points around the globe. Travelling through both of these points on my route means I would have “cycled around the world”

Then its North America, Vancouver into the USA, and hopefully a U-shaped journey around the States before my ESTA runs out. Hop over to Morocco, ferry to Gibraltar, up into Spain through Madrid, France and back home.

Sounds real easy.

Whats next?

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