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Its getting tough.

Fundraising is hard.

It’s for a great cause, but it’s exhausting. At the beginning, you get a surge of interest and its great. PING, PING, PING, as the email notifications fly into your phone. You have a new donation!

But after a month or so, it starts to slow down. You hold fundraising events, and loads of amazing people help out and donate.But then comes the lag and the donations dry up. The biggest problem is how it affects your morale.

For me, it was very hard. Those that have gone before me to cycle around the world, have raised anything between £18,000 – £25,000 for charity. But when you struggle to get over 1,000 its frustrating, demoralising and annoying.

Setting your sights on a worldwide adventure, a painful and challenging struggle in aid of charity, without the donations behind you, knocks you down in a big way. It’s difficult not to be affected by it. Ill donate closer to the time, I just don’t have the money now, what is it you are doing again?

I’ve learnt now, to make the best of it. The amount raised doesn’t matter, as it will always be more money than the charities had before.

Do not compare yourself to others, live your own adventure. Own the experience, and enjoy it.

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