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BACK ON THE ROAD, photo of a bridge in china.


Hello… I have been rather quiet for a while, and that’s because not a great deal has been happening. Since returning to the UK at the end of September to recover, things have been a little tough. But, soon I’ll be BACK ON THE ROAD.

It’s been very frustrating to be back at home, limited in what I can and can’t do because of an injury. Of course, it’s nice to see family and friends (when they are free) but in contrast to where I could or should have been in the world, its demoralising and annoying.The most trying part, was not knowing what exactly the injury was, nor how long it would take, to be back at it again. X-rays, MRI’s, Physio and so on.

HOWEVER, I have been feeling a lot more able in the last few weeks. I have even been back on a bike, albeit a static exercise one, not being permitted to run or do any impact related exercises. So, I made an executive decision to book my flights back to China, leaving on the 5th of December, to give me something positive to focus my recovery on.

The plan being, to fly into Urumqui, the capital of the Xinjiang Province and the last major city before my accident. From there, I will jump on a train or bus to Turpan, to collect my bike and possessions, and continue.

I have, since drafting this post, been back to the hospital, where I was given the prognosis, a Medial Meniscus tear. A tear through the muscle from the inside only. Which means no op, and I can continue, back on the road shortly.There are a few extra hurdles, now that I am returning to China in the Winter, which I am still trying to figure out, so watch this space, as more info will follow shortly.

If you aren’t already, Subscribe to my YouTube channel here . I am currently working my way through uploading Vlogs from the last stage. When I touch back down in China, they should reach you even quicker than before!

Lastly, thanks to all those people that have been encouraging and supportive in the last few weeks.


Whats next?

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