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The story so far – Around the world by bike


On the 1st of April 2017 I left Trafalgar Square, London to cycle around the world in aid of Meningitis Now and Macmillan Cancer Support. Although Western Europe was more exciting than I expected, it was nothing in comparison cultural embrace of Eurasia.


The contrast of a few thousand miles was incredible. The shift in religion, culture, language, architecture, landscape and hospitality was unbelievable. I had met and travelled with a wide variety of people. I camped in the mountains, slept on beaches, gazed at billions of stars, warmed my feet in fires, ate and drank with strangers, and summited peaks. Pedalled in the rain, snow, hail, up and down, round and round, for hours on end each day. I had pushed myself to my limit, and then pushed some more.

Six months later and I had made it through the bureaucratic nightmare, that is getting a Chinese visa on the road, and rolled into the Western Province of China, Xinjiang.

It was the most nervous I had been the entire trip, wheeling the bike and all my gear through the customs lounge, answering the same questions again and again. Nervous, not because I had anything to hide, but because of the huge importance, of not getting turned away.

China, was the last landmass, and the furthest point I could travel East uninterrupted, before I would need to fly onto Australia. To fly earlier than this, felt like cheating. Not to mention how much I wanted to visit China. I was flying through China, and loving every second. Until the ground swallowed up the bike and spat me out. Several stitches, three hospitals, an X-ray, an MRI, and a full-length leg cast later, everything came to a crashing halt.


I had no option but to fly home to recover. Devastated I travelled back to the UK to salvage what I could of my prearranged flights, and make some sense of how and when I could get back out on the road. Now, Im counting down the days until I arrive back to the small warehouse hostel, to collect my bike all my kit, and brace myself for -15C nights ahead.


Whats next?

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