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Travel documents and visa’s

Cycling around the world will take me through 5 continents and 17 countries. There will be many boarders crawling with officials, wanting to know what I’m doing, where I’m going and why. Some are sure to be tougher than others! Here’s some advice that I have been given.


Preparing for this in advance is a must! This starts with Visa applications. Alastair Humphreys blog features a very helpful article on Visa applications. For the applications themselves or to find out if you need one, check out this site.


Once you have your visa’s sorted, you need to think about documentation. This maybe your official invite to a county, hotel and flight conformation, or your itinerary, etc. Get these laminated. They are going to be pulled out and glared at by officials all over the place. You want them to be coffee poof, for when that one boarder official uses it to mop his desk.


If your trip is to a faraway place for charity, then ask your charity to write a letter about what you are doing. This will help explain to the officials why you are there. Not going for charity, maybe ask a sponsor of yours to write a letter instead. Produce a statement about why you are there, with diagrams and info.

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