The Plan

The idea of cycling around the world by bike isn't new and many people who have previously made the journey have even set world records. Some of them have written awesome books about their adventure and have gone on to accomplish amazing things. Check out Alastair Humphreys and Sean Conway for starters!

Its suggested that there are two routes available to cycle the world. The first is to cycle from East to West through Europe, Asia and America, the second is to move from North to South through Africa, and America.

My route will take me from East to West across Europe, Asia and America, starting in Trafalgar square, attempting to circumnavigate the globe by cycling in 5 continents and 20 countries. It will take me anywhere between9 and 12 months, during which I will camp in some of the wildest places and average 100 miles a day.  I will start and finish in Trafalgar Square and pass through two antipodal points, Madrid, Spain and Wellington, New Zealand.  

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I have chosen to raise awareness and funds for two amazing causes whilst on the Expedition. A close family friend of ours, Vanessa, lost her son Luke to Meningitis at a very young age. Since then, Vanessa has spent years raising awareness and money for Meningitis Now, a charity that campaigns, supports and raises awareness about the illness. For me, it was time to help support Vanessa and all the great work both she and Meningitis Now have done. Over the past few years, several friends have lost close relatives to cancer, and my Grandma was diagnosed with the illness shortly before she passed. The work that Macmillan nurses do on a daily basis is amazing and they too deserve some support. Both these incredible charity rely heavily on public donations, so if you have a moment to spare, visit my fundraising page here. 


There is an opportunity for me to collect or record data and research throughout the journey. I haven't got a specific idea or process and I am open to all suggestions. Whether its research for a dissertation, masters, or other project. Whether its Geography, Sports Science, Politics or whatever it may be, let me know how I might be able to help by clicking the email icon in the bottom right of the page.