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Whats it like? – Kazakhstan

As you well know by now, I cannot sit around doing nothing, whilst I recover.  So heres a new short video series called "What's It Like?" The concept is very simple, each episode will show viewers what its like to experience a certain topic.

This can be anything from, Wild camping, to visiting Kazakhstan. The aim is to encourage and inspire others to get up and get out, to find their own adventure. The first episode is Kazakhstan, featuring me explaining my recent time, cycling through the largest landlocked country in the world. With everything from their huge skyscraper filled cities, to vodka and horse meat. Enjoy. 

One more thing....

Whilst I have a few episode ideas ready, I'm looking for feedback from you. What do you want to know "what's it like?" Leave a comment on this post, the YouTube video, or Facebook Page. 

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