Not everyone likes you.

This is NOT a tell me I’m awesome post, NOR is it a rally to round up the local villagers, pitch fork and torches In hand, to go burn a witch. Although….

Not everyone likes you 
Atleast once in our lives, we have all been told that

“You can’t get on with everyone and not everyone will support or like what you do”

As soon as your realise that this is merely a fact of life, you can stop trying to please everyone, and use that wasted energy for something better, YOU.

I didnt think cycling around the world for chairty would be any different. It wasn’t long before I was met with  “oh, that’s such a UK thing to do”

Those bloody Brits are at it again, raising money for causes that they care about. As if that can even be meant as an insult? Well I guess it just proves my Britishness?

More recently I received criticisim through my  social media page. I posted a celebration of a personal achivement which meant a lot to me. It was met with a distasteful comment about my finances, followed by several more, similar comments.

Why are people so rude?
Most of the time it boils down into two categories, a lack of understanding or jealousy. Often these keyboard warriors have little else to do with their time, and you can be sure you aren’t the only one who’s wandered into their crosshares.

The first category can perhaps be reasoned with, a little careful education and they may see the light. The second however is much trickier. They generally don’t care what your answer to their questions or critique is. They want a reaction, or atleast to show you how superior they are.

What can you do? 
First off, don’t change what your doing or the reasons you are motivated to do it. KEEP BEING YOU. These people are not the rulers of the universe they are mere mortals. Forget them.

If you think it’s just a misunderstanding or lack of; you can try and engage with them politely and non-agressively. If it’s the later category from above, give them a wide birth.

On social media it’s best to delete the comment. It’s all about how much exposure they are getting. They crave the attention the likes, the dislikes, the negative comments they get in return. They want to stir something up. So don’t give oxygen to their flames.

In my case I tried to engage and provide a fuller picture, but alas it didn’t make a difference. So the comments were deleted and the user blocked. I don’t want such negative opinions and distasteful comments on my page when im trying to share my experiences and raise awareness and money for two amazing causes. It’s all about being positive.

Constructive feedback
Don’t mistake constructive criticism, for hate.  It’s these kind of opinions that we can use. Constructive critique is not meant with malice or negativity, but instead offers an alternative opinion which may offer some good insight. These comments you should engage with and see if it does apply to you.

Offer an explanation 

Finally, in response to the comments I received, I decided for my own piece of mind, that I would pen down a short explanation about my project, what I’m doing and why. I feel like I’ve put it out there enough times, but here’s a digestible summary. Hopefully it will avoid any future confusion…. 

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