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Mark Beaumont, Expedition Patron

On Friday, I was pleased to announce that Mark Beaumont had agreed to be the Expeditions Patron.

Mark is a round the world cyclist, World Record breaker and broadcaster. I first heard about Mark when I was researching cycling around the world. It wasn’t long at all, before I came across his book, The Man Who Cycled the World, media reports of his record attempt and articles of his success.

On the 15th of February 2008, after an 18,297-mile solo and unsupported cycle around the globe, Mark arrived in Paris. It had taken 194 days and 17 hours. He beat the World Record by 81 days. A quick Google of Mark, shows that there is a lot more to him than a world record cyclist, as his title suggests.

When I did research him further, I was surprised to read of his other incredible achievements and adventures. Cycling the Americas, where not only did Mark cycle from Anchorage in Alaska, to Ushuaia in Southern Argentina. But he also stopped to climb the highest mountains in North and South America, whilst on his expedition. His adventures have even taken him into the ocean a few times, the Canadian Arctic and the Atlantic.

The more I watched and read about Mark’s accomplishments, the more excited and inspired I became, to achieve something meaningful. Having such an adventurous figure as the expeditions Patron, is a big deal. Not only because his name will raise awareness to the causes. Mark has taken time out of his busy life, to look over my route, exchange emails, and offer advice which has been vital to my planning and motivation.

It’s difficult to turn an idea or a dream into a reality. There are so many obstacles, and there’s no doubt that the greatest of them all, is yourself. There is nothing better than having your ideas confirmed or supported. It really is, a special kind of encouragement, which I am very grateful for. So, thank you for the support.

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