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Why I added a fundraising element.

I have been thinking a lot lately about charity, and it’s been nagging me for a while if I’m honest. The primary goal of this project to cycle the world, is to share the experience with everyday people across social media and to show that the extraordinary can by the ordinary.

Almost instantly after the thought of this project entered my mind, I wondered about its charitable reach. But I was concerned that the whole project would be misunderstood. I would be labelled as cycling the world for charity. This is incorrect, I’m being selfish. I’m cycling the world for me first, to share the experience and prove the goal second, and if I include charity, then that is third.

I decided that it’s too great of an opportunity not to raise awareness and funds for these two great causes. I’m sure I would regret not using it as such in the future. As long as I make it clear that the charitable element was added afterwards, then I feel comfortable that I’m not misleading anyone.

So, without further adjure, here is a link to the fundraising page. Macmillan Cancer Support and Meningitis Now are two amazing causes and could do with all the support possible.

More will follow shortly!!

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