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Survival Skills

Cycling around the world will take me far and wide, through hundreds of locations, some connected and some cut-off to the outside world. So I need to be able to manage and survive in all environments, and most of all to ensure that I enjoy the experience.

To do this, there are a wealth of skills I feel I need to at least have a loose grasp of, before I set off. I have drawn up a very rough list and I’m sure I will add a few more, closer the time.

One of the first on the list is catching, preparing and cooking fish. I’ve been inspired to follow Julian Sayarer’s footsteps along the River Danube, from Germany to the Black Sea, and I’d be a fool not to source local food!

I will also need to be prepared in emergencies and this includes fire starting with limited tools, water collecting and purifying, as well as building an emergency shelter. Hopefully I won’t have to use these ones, but better safe than sorry.

I’m going to give as many as I can a go before I set off, and ill post the results of my attempts on here, as I’m sure they will be laughable.

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