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Real life problems

A lot has happened already this year, and in some ways doors have closed and opened at the same time.

It hasn’t been long since I left my job to start planning to cycle around the world, and I’m still just as excited. But it definitely has its ups and downs.

Don’t get me wrong, the people I worked with were great. It wasn’t the job per se, really it was my life. I have graduated Uni, where I had an amazing life balance, studying, working with great people and having lots of fun doing so, and surfing almost all the time. Of course that has to end at some point.

I left Uni and went to work for a year, still living in my Uni town which was ideal, and near enough my lifestyle continued. Then I took an almighty plunge into further education, with a postgraduate qualification that would engulf my life for the next two years. Unfortunately, this, and life generally, put a strain on my relationships, and not long after I was single after four years.

It’s fair to say that life sucked.

After being pretty miserable for a while, and throwing myself into my new job, I realised I was burning myself out. I was envious of my previous lifestyle and angry that I wasn’t having as much fun as everyone else.

Eventually I realised that almost every choice I had made, was generated from a mixture of, what you were meant to do, what you should do, what you were expected to do and of course what I thought I wanted to do.

I took some ownership of my decisions, no one forced me to do anything, and despite the hardship and frustrating times, I hadn’t had it all bad. I had passed my post graduate qualification, and was set up for the next step in my career. I knew however, that at that moment, I wasn’t in the right mind.

I also realised that I make my own choices in life, and there is no reason why I can’t go back to enjoying life again. I make my own decisions. I control what I get out of life. So not long after this magical thought, I decided to act. I had read loads of adventure books and wanted to do something awesome. Riding around the world just resonated with me. I think because, you are riding around the world!!!

So I quit my job to prepare, force myself to make it happen, and to make myself happier and less stressed. Needless to say, now I work part- time, have almost no money, and the enormous task or working out where on earth I going on my adventure.

But I wouldn’t redo anything! It’s hard at the moment, having no money and constantly figuring out where to get some more. But I have more control and I’m making stuff happen.

I’m penniless, but living(ish).

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