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Survival tin

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Survival tin

I have read a few books that suggest taking a survival or emergency tin with you on adventures is a must. The Scout motto “be prepared” comes to mind when planning ahead, and prepping this tin is just one of the necessary steps. But how big should it be, and what should
it contain?

SAS Survival Guide written by John lofty Wiseman, suggests the tin should be around 100 x 75 x 30 mm in dimensions. It should contain anything and everything from matches and a candle to a compass, plasters, and a condom.

Don’t get ahead of yourself, the condom is for collecting water as it has a large 1 litre capacity. But I suppose there may be another emergency that could put it to good use.

The main purpose of the tin is to carry essential items that can be vital in an emergency situation. Small first aid items, kit to start a fire or make a small fishing line. The Lid of the tin itself could be used as a signalling mirror in the sun. The possibilities go on and on, and it really depends on your kind of adventure and setting, as to what you might need.

However, it’s always a good idea to cover the basics, fire, first aid and water and food in whatever small way you can. My tin is an ongoing work in progress. I carry it with me whenever I leave the house for an adventure and it stays in the pocket of my jacket or outer layer. I tape the ends of the tin up with black electric tape to try and limit any water or moisture getting in.

Plasters, antiseptic wipe, survival priorities, lighter, flintstick, cotton wool needle and thread, superglue

I carry with me a lighter, flint stick, antiseptic wipe, cotton wool, thread and needle, pocket survival priorities leaflet, super glue and a few plasters. I could do with adding a condom, small knife and a lighter cube. I’m sure I’ll continue to think of vital stuff to add in the future.


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