I quit my job.

RE: I quit my job.

I have been on the road for over 3 months, so far traveling over 4,000 miles from the UK, through Europe and into Asia. I sometimes stare at Google maps, just looking at the distance that I have covered, and all of the countries I have been through.  Not to blow my own trumpet, but it’s pretty cool!!

When I’m having a great day, which is more than half the time, I think back to that decisive moment, that pivotal point, that leap of faith. I’m more proud of that day than I am of what I have achieved so far. Because I turned a dream into a reality. I decided that I would give it everything I had, and whatever the result and no matter when I returned, I gave it a go.

So here is a blog post that I typed out on that day, but never published. An insight into what it felt like I suppose, and maybe an encouraging thought for anyone out there that it thinking of doing the same. GO FOR IT!

1st August 2016

“Today is the first day since I left my job.

It was a big step to take, but I wasn’t happy in my work. It was getting me down a lot and I needed a break to reset. It got to the point where I couldn’t understand why I continued when so much was making unhappy.

It sounds ridiculous I know, and I have been told it is enough times already. Followed swiftly with, “but what will you do?” That’s just it, the great thing about having all this spare time to fill, is having no excuse, not to plan an expedition to cycle around the world.

I feel like the more steps I take to commit to the journey, the easier the planning will be. I have a clear head, time and focus now. No pressure of a work looming over me. 

Not having a job makes it harder to tell myself that I should nip this idea in the bud. Sure I will have to sort out a part time job soon, but its refreshing to know that I don’t have to go to the office in the morning. I think its also a little exciting that I’m not doing what’s expected of me.

Its a small step in breaking the mould and searching for what you want in life, and not being caught up in the living to work culture. I have to be thankful for all those that have inspired me and ignited an urge to go out and make my own adventure.”

Have you had a pivotal moment in your life, taken a leap of faith, got out of your comfort zone and gone for it? Leave a comment below.

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